The most expensive part of e-discovery is document review. In the corporate setting this usually accounts for approximately 70-75% of the total discovery costs associated with a lawsuit. In comparison, the cost of processing the information reviewed is about 20% of the discovery costs.

Much thought and energy has gone into improving the technology of information processing, the 20%, but not so much in addressing the document review piece, which is where the real money is being spent. Legal Outsourcing 2.0 targets inefficiencies in the document review process and can generally save a client 20 to 40% of the overall cost of the review, which is more than the total cost of processing the reviewed documents.

The key to our delivery of value is the combination of (1) technology allowing us to predict up front the relevance of the materials to be reviewed, with (2) a seasoned American attorney on-site in Calcutta, India, supervising a team of inexpensive Indian document reviewers. The high relevance portion of the review is done in the US through your existing team, while our extension of that team performs review of the lower quality materials using the same review platform in India at a much lower cost. Your team deals exclusively with our US-licensed lawyer.

Legal Outsourcing 2.0 is the future of document review legal staffing, enabled and assisted by technology. We address the disconnect between the already existing ability to determine differences in the relevance of documents early on in the process, and the antiquated practice of allocating the same high-cost resources to review both high and low relevance documents. Delegating high-volume, often standardized tasks frees your higher cost legal professionals to focus on higher value work.

We ensure the quality of the low relevance document review piece by having a top notch, experienced US lawyer as the on-site contact. Our India-based team is trained on US law as well as the document review platform and tools they use. Not only are they trained, each reviewer is required to be certified on the review tool as a condition of employment.

Legal Outsourcing 2.0’s skilled on-site legal team has executed US, UK, Indian, Australian, and French law document reviews as well as US Department of Justice and SEC investigations. We are equally comfortable with audio reviews and have extensive experience adapting review protocols/manuals, creating keyword lists and search terms, drafting privilege logs, performing privilege and banking secrecy redactions, creating case-specific timelines, and preparing materials for depositions.